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Bioenergetic Fields

III. Balance of The Human Bioenergetic Field


The human body’s microcosmic field is easily affected by the macrocosmic field of the universe in which humans exist, particularly the earth field and the solar field of the nine planetary systems.  The cellular, tissue, organ, system functions within the human body interact and affect one another (field interactions) to maintain whole body balance.  Ultimately, the bioenergetic field must be in a dynamic balance within itself and with the external universal fields.  


IV. The Self-Recovery Capacity of the Human Body


Since humans live within the earth field, based upon the basic laws of the universal field mentioned above all the functions within the human body will adjust spontaneously to maintain ultimate balance.  This is the source of the self-healing capacity that is innate to every human body.  (Please refer to later pictures for the scientific principle)   According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) statistical analysis: The recovery from human illness is 68% dependent on the body’s own self-healing capacity, 22% on medication, physical therapy, surgical procedures, and related medical treatments, and 10% due to unknown or unexplained. 


V. The Human Bioenergetic Field


Every substance possesses a field.  Living organisms thereby most also possess a field of its own.  The westerners call it Life Force and easterners, Chi, a biological message field present with birth. Every living organism has its unique biological field:  Humans have the human field, dogs the dog field, cats the cat field.  In the human body, it is called the human bioenergetic field. (In contemporary biological jargon, differences in DNA manifest as different organisms)  From a physical angle to explain fields:  The human bioenergetic field has atomic structures as the center emanates in wave and radiation forms. It is the means and the realm of exchanging information with the environment.  


Researches on the bioenergetic field


The Bendits and the Nadis- The Bendits discovered and named the Nadis.  The Nadis consists of three major types of perpendicularly intersecting energy flow (similar to that of electrical and magnetic wave flows) and serves as a model of bioenergetic field and chi flow within the body. 


Dr. Tansely and the Chakra- After much study, Dr. Tansely discovered funnel-shaped vortex which he named chakras. The seven major chakras in the body are thought to represent the human bioenergetic field.


Chinese life-science investigators and Chi- The Chinese scientist believe that the behavior of chi within the body is similar to that of the bioenergetic field and is an element of the bioenergetic field.  They discovered the following particular characteristics of chi energy:


Infra-red reactions and behaviors

Low-frequency magnetic waves effects

Infrasonic wave effects

Electrostatic effects

Microparticle flow effects

Crystalline and fluid effects

Biological radiation signals (BRS) which can be detected, has random pulse waves and is affected by factors such as electricity, magnetism, and can be absorbed and emitted by people



I.   Various Fields of the Universe


The entire universe consists of numerous systems and fields.  In physics, there are the gravitational field, magnetic, electrical fields.  In fact, on the earth, every organic and inorganic substance all has their respective physical or biochemical fields.  Each field is necessary to maintain the balance of its system.   All fields interact and affect the others, and are kept in a dynamic and complete balance.  The human body is known as a microcosm.  Every physiological function, biochemical reactions, and structural systems obey such universal laws. 

Bioenergetic Fields

II.   Basic Laws of the Universal Field     


1.   Substances do not have identical time and space.

2.   All substance fields relate to and are affected by other fields. The difference is in the degree and amount

3.   All fields must be maintained in balance